Funded Grants at Columbus State University:
  1. GA Department of Education Texbook Transformation Grant (Co-PI, 2019): Grant to develop open source/affordable learning materials for the CS undergraduate programming sequence (CS1, CS2, Data structures) and Introduction to cyber security. Funding agency: The State of Georgia. Award Amount: $30,000.
  2. CSU STEM Mini Grant (Co-PI, 2018): STEM Mini Grant from CSU to develop computer science workshops to local K-12 teachers. Funding agency: CSU. Award Amount: $3000.
  3. NSF/DoD REU Site: An REU Site on Security for Mobile Sensing (PI, 2016 - 2019): A Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in security issues for Mobile Sensing. Funding Agency: The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Defense (DoD). Award Amount: $230,486.
  4. S-RACE Grant (CSU internal): $300 for undergraduate research project.
  5. Google CS4HS Program (PI, 2015-2016): Awarded to develop a Computer Science for High Schools Site. Funding Agency: Google Inc. Award Amount:$34,800.
Funded Grants at Northern New Mexico College:
  1. NM Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP, 2014): REU supplement. Award Amount : $800 
  2. PNM Solar SmartGrid:(Co-PI, 2012 - 2013): Awarded to develop two projects: a WSN for cloud cover estimation and an Android application for information dissemination about the PNM solar grid project. Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy under the PNM Solar SmartGrid Project. Award Amount: $30,000.
  3. Google CS4HS Program  (PI, 2012, 2013): Awarded to develop a Computer Science for High Schools Site. Funding Agency: Google Inc. Total Awarded: $22,500
  4. NSF Noyce Program (Co-PI. 2011 - 2014):  Grant to Provide High Quality STEM teachers in NM. Funding Agency: The National Science Foundation (NSF). Award Amount: $1,152,055.
  5. NSF TUES Program (Co-PI,  2011 - 2013):  Grant to develop a Model for Online Cross-Institutional STEM Course Offering and Support Services in New Mexico. Funding Agency: The National Science Foundation (NSF). Subaward Amount: $24,000.