Supervised Students

Columbus State University (current)
Graduate Students
    1. Scott Griffith (MS student, 2017 - 2019). Project: Design and Evaluation of a Wearable System for Facial Privacy. Employer: Northrop Grumman.
    2. Sneha Gogineni (MS student, 2016 – 2017). Project: A System for Personal Stress Monitoring, co-advised with Dr. Lydia Ray.
 Committee Member of the following Students
    1. Praneetha Mandava (MS. 2017, advisor: Dr. Rania Hodhod): Comparative Study Between Cognitive Systems For Learning.
    2. Javier Livio (MS. 2017, advisor: Dr. Rania Hodhod): Fuzzy Expert Systems: A more human-based approach for sensorial evaluation of coffee-bean attributes to derive quality scoring.
    3. Jonathan Ross Tew (MS. 2016, advisor: Dr. Lydia Ray): ADDSMART: Address Digitization and Smart Mailbox with RFID Technology.
    4. Hillary Fleenor (MS. 2016, advisor: Dr. Rania Hodhod):  Automated Semantic Assessment of Distal and Proximal Cues for Creative Thinking.

Undergraduate Students
    1. Gabriel Bello (BSCS Honors student, 2018 - Current). Topic: Smart contracts in mobile environments.
    2. Dakota Reyes (BSCS Honors student, 2017). Topic: Evolutionary algorithms for music composition.
    3. Justin Sewell (BSCS student, 2015 - 2016). Topic: Indoor Location. Selected to participate in the 2016 REU at USF in Ubiquitous Sensing.

REU@CSU Students

As PI of the NSF/DoD Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in Security for Mobile Sensing, I co-mentor eight students per summer to introduce them to research in security, privacy, mobile computing and CS research in general. Out of these students per summer, I directly have supervised the following students in their research projects:
  1. Luis Matos (2018, Universidad del Turabo, PR). Project: FacePET.
  2. Jaoad Mouloud (2018, Bergen Community College, NJ). Project: FacePET.
  3. Kevin Rivera-Morales (2017, Universidad del Turabo, PR). Project: HR-Auth.
  4. Jonathan Cochran (2017, Dalton State College, GA). Project: Privacy concerns of voice-activated intelligent assistants.

High School Students
I mentor Columbus High School students for their Capstone Senior project when they choose to develop mobile apps (and I have time)
      1. Ziad Bedir (2017 - 2018)
      2. Ethan Hardin (2016 - 2017)
      3. Anthony Obando  (2015 - 2016)

Northern New Mexico College (past)
Graduate Students
1. Povi Cruz (Employer: Los Alamos National Lab). Project: The Power of Solar Energy Educational App.

Undergraduate Students
      1. Ruben Rivera (Employer: The State of New Mexico). Project: Cloud Cover estimation using Crowdsensing
      2. Stephen Price (Employer: The State of New Mexico). Project:  The Power of Solar Energy Educational App.
      3. Simran S. Khalsa (Employer: Los Alamos National Lab). Project: A Mobile App to teach Yoga (KeepUp Yogi)
      4. Sergio Cordova (N/A). Project: WSNs Sensor Placement